My Cardigans

INT & FIN & EST CH W-93 Mandastamm Ballyhoo, "

The first cardigan came to me because I wanted to learn the difference between the two corgis. What I got was a diamond: an excellent bitch, a beauty with very good character and an excellent brood bitch, INT & FIN & EST CH W-93, cardigan of the year -92-93 Mandastamm Ballyhoo, "Tonja". She was also brood bitch of the year -96 , -98 and -99.

Tonja had three litters, 14 offspring, among them 6 INT CHs and two CHs. Her daughter  INT & FIN & S & N & EST CH W-97 G. Balmy Mackinlay, "
Mocca", followed her and has produced 3 litters in my kennels with together 16 offspring of which 11 are champions.  Mocca is the brood bitch of the year 2001, 2002 and 2003. And it goes on, Moccas daughter, INT & FIN & S & N &  CH G. Fave Rave, "Hitti",  is the brood bitch of the year 2005 and 2006 and also (inofficiel) 2007, 2008 and 2012.

I have eight cardis living at home: "Windy",  "Usva", "Whoopie",   "Gilda",   "Tammy", "Tetta", Beryllos Keep In Geestland, "Piikki",  Kardibroke High Flyer and "Maksim", Cardiganium Elisey.
In other home lives  FI CH Orso for Geestland , "Orso"

Tonja, Tenho, Tuuma,
Orso and Piikki are tested PRA-clear. Litters B-C2 and E2-O2 and Q2 are PRA-clear after tested parents or parents of tested lines.