Little background
of my hobby

If You wonder why a German kennelname for a corgikennel I can tell You that I started with German shepherds. I only had three litters, among them the champion of finnish policedogs 1994, 1996 - Geestland's Biegling.

I fell in love with corgis first time I saw my friends pembrokepuppy Tassu (FIN CH Asser). A year later his little sister Nita (Benita) came to us. Nita planned her first litter without me and made it with her brother Tassu. That was anyhow the beginning of a big change in my life. I lived in the city Turku, but because of the animals I found it better to move to the country. In the photo my house in winter.

And here the guidepost to my place. Käpälämäki means Pawhill. There is a play on words, when one goes to pawhill, it also means he takes to his heels.

More about my breeding: