All my Pembroke litters - Kaikki pembrokepentueeni

  • Born-synt. 20.12.1985
    S: FI CH
    Geestland's Abital, SF4060A/86, female
    Geestland's Abner, SF40598/86, male
    Geestland's Adonia, SF40599/86, male

  • Born-synt. 24.5.1987
    S: Zo-Fo Amiraali
    Geestland's Batseba, SF23362/87, female
    Geestland's Bugaboo, SF23361/87, male

  • Born-synt. 29.7.1989
    S: FI CH Natural Pioneer
    D: FI CH
    Geestland's Batseba
    Geestland's Crafty Courier, SF29103/89, male
    Geestland's Custly Crystal, SF29103/89, female

  • Born-synt. 20.10.1989
    S: FI CH Natural Money Maker
    Geestland's Dizzy Dazzle, SF36825/89, female
    Geestland's Dollar Prince, SF36826/89, male
    Geestland's Downy Dollop, SF36827/89, female

  • Born-synt. 5.12.1990
    S: FI CH Natural Pioneer
    D: FI CH
    Geestland's Batseba
    Geestland's Eager Eagle, SF02980/91, male
    Geestland's Early Ermine, SF02979/91, female
    Geestland's Eastern Express, SF02975/91, male
    Geestland's Easy Ecstasy, SF02976/91, female
    Geestland's Eery Eddy, SF02978/91, male
    Geestland's Embodied Elf, SF02981/91, female
    Geestland's Evel Excellency, SF02982/91, male
    Geestland's Even Envy, SF02977/91, female

  • Born-synt. 12.6.1991
    S: NORD CH Belroyd Petrel
    D: Pepper's Signed Sketch

    Geestland's Fancied Fairy, SF25249/91, female
    Geestland's Female Fay, SF25250/91, female
    Geestland's Fiery Fidelity, SF25251/91, female
    Geestland's Fitful Fire, SF252452/91, female
    Geestland's Fizzing Flare, SF25253/91, female
    Geestland's Flicker Flame, SF25254/91, female

  • Born-synt. 30.6.1991
    S: FI CH Quedas Warrinor
    D: Geestland's Custly Crystal

    Geestland's Gassy General, SF29228/91, male
    Geestland's Gaudy Genius, SF29227/91, male
    Geestland's Genuine Gem, SF29225/91, female
    Geestland's Giddy Glamour, SF29226/91, female
    Geestland's Glimmer Crystal, SF29229/91, female

  • Born-synt. 8.11.1991
    S: FI&EE CH Kilvewood October Mist
    D: Geestland's Dizzy Dazzle

    Geestland's Hazy Harebell, SF43507/91, female
    Geestland's Heavy Honey, SF43508/91, female
    Geestland's High Hero, SF43506/91, male
    Geestland's Holy Halo, SF43509/91, male

  • Born-synt. 19.4.1992
    S: FI CH Belroyd Nut Pecker
    D: FI CH
    Geestland's Batseba
    Geestland's Idem Belle, SF20751/92, female
    Geestland's Idle Bugbear, SF20752/92, female
    Geestland's Impish Bogy, SF20753/92, male

  • Born-synt. 16.7.1992
    S: FI CH
    Geestland's Bugaboo
    D: Pepper's Signed Sketch

    Geestland's Jaunty Jilt, SF27127/92, female
    Geestland's Jolly Janitor, SF27125/92, male
    Geestland's Joyful Jinnee, SF27126/92, female
    Geestland's Juice Julep, SF27124/92, male

  • Born-synt. 24.3.1993
    S: FI&EE CH Kilvewood October Mist
    D: Geestland's Downy Dollop

    Geestland's Kingconker, SF14073/93, male
    Geestland's Kingbird, SF14074/93, female

  • Born-synt. 11.4.1993
    S: FI CH Fiord's Jubilee
    D:FI CH
    Geestland's Batseba
    Geestland's Lacy Lady, SF14077/93, female
    Geestland's Lissom Lassie, SF14078/93, female
    Geestland's Lummy Lion, SF14075/93, male
    Geestland's Lyrical Lay, SF14076/93, female

  • Born-synt.28.7.1993
    S: FI CH
    Geestland's Bugaboo
    D: FI CH
    Geestland's Hazy Harebell
    Geestland's Manful Madcap, SF32138/93, male
    Geestland's Massy Mascot, SF32141/93, male
    Geestland's Minor Majesty, SF32137/93, male
    Geestland's Mister Myself, SF32140/93, male
    Geestland's Mundane Minion, SF32139/93, male

  • Born-synt. 3.8.1993
    S: Geestland's High Hero
    D: Geestland's Embodied Elf

    Geestland's Natty Naiad, SF32132/93, female
    Geestland's Next Nixie, SF32133/93, female
    Geestland's Noted Nob, SF32136/93, male
    Geestland's Nothern Nereid, SF32134/93, female
    Geestland's Nippy Nag, SF32135/93, male

  • Born-synt. 31.8.1993
    S: Imago's Opus One
    D: Geestland's Custly Crystal

    Geestland's One and Only, SF36580/93, female
    Geestland's Only Occation, SF36577/93, male
    Geestland's Open Omen, SF36579/93, female
    Geestland's Out and Out, SF36578/93, female

  • Born-synt. 19.5.1994
    S: INT&NORD CH W-88 WW-89 Mandastamm Paymaker
    D: Geestland's Female Fay

    Geestland's Pink Pleasure, SF33429/94, female
    Geestland's Puce Phantom, SF33430/94, male
    Geestland's Purple Puma, SF33431/94, male

  • Born-synt. 27.10.1994
    S: FI CH Natural Maestro
    D: Geestland's Glimmer Crystal

    Geestland's Quintessence, SF51686/94, male
    Geestland's Quite a Quality, SF51687/94, male

  • Born-synt. 23.2.1995
    S: FIN&DK CH Tuulantei Toivo
    D: Geestland's Idem Belle

    Geestland's Real Ranger, FIN20687/95, male

  • Born-synt. 20.4.1996
    S: INT&NORD&AM CH W-96,98,99 NORD W-96,00,01 Annline's Well Done
    D: Geestland's Dizzy Dazzle

    Geestland's Sappy Symbol, FIN26397/96, male
    Geestland's Saturday Song, FIN26398/96, male
    Geestland's Select Shine, FIN26400/96, female
    Geestland's Sheer Sensation, FIN26401/96, female
    Geestland's Special Sign, FIN26399/96, male
    Geestland's Stellar Story, FIN26402/96, female

  • Born-synt. 15.7.1997
    S: FI CH
    Geestland's Lummy Lion
    D: FI CH
    Beryllos June Lily
    Geestland's Tasty Titbit, FIN37170/97, female
    Geestland's Tiny Tawpie, FIN37169/97, female
    Geestland's Topical Token, FIN37165/97, male
    Geestland's Topmost Trump, FIN37164/97, male
    Geestland's Tricksy Tiger, FIN37167/97, male
    Geestland's True Trinket, FIN37168/97, female
    Geestland's Tubular Taboo, FIN37166/97, male

  • Born-synt. 31.1.1998
    S: FI CH
    Geestland's Noted Nob
    D: Geestland's Pink Pleasure

    Geestland's Ululant Uke, FIN14634/98, male
    Geestland's Ultrared Utopia, FIN14635/98, female
    Geestland's Unique Unity, FIN14636/98, female
    Geestland's Unlike Umpire, FIN14638/98, female
    Geestland's Urban Urchin, FIN14633/98, male
    Geestland's Urgent Unison, FIN14634/98, female

  • Born-synt. 6.6.1998
    S: Serpamin Evening Song
    Geestland's Sheer Sensation
    Geestland's Valid Varmint, FIN31620/98, male
    Geestland's Vivid Vixen, FIN31621/98, female
    Geestland's Vulpine Vision, FIN31619/98, male

  • Born-synt. 22.8.1998
    Geestland's Topical Token
    D: Finnheeler F'Atractive

    Geestland's Wakeful Wagtail, FIN33447/98, female
    Geestland's Wally Weenie, FIN33446/98 Bobtail, male
    Geestland's Welsh Wallaroo, FIN3344t/98 Bobtail, male
    Geestland's Whinstone, FIN33444/98 Bobtail, male
    Geestland's Whortleberry, FIN33443/98 Bobtail, male

  • Born-synt. 20.3.2002
    S: FI CH
    Geestland's Wally Weenie
    Geestland's Vivid Vixen
    Geestland's Xeric, FIN18552/02 TÍ, male, bobtail
    Geestland's Xeno, FIN18553/02 TÍ, male, bobtail
    Geestland's Xaman, FIN18554/02, male
    Geestland's Xanthoria, FIN18555/02 TÍ, female, bobtail

  • Born-synt. 30.8.2002
    S: FI CH Jimanie Beryllos Stormy Day
    D: FI CH 
    Geestland's True Trinket
    Geestland's Yaballo, FIN40003/02 , male
    Geestland's Yakima, FIN40004/02 , male
    Geestland's Yamba, FIN40008/02, female
    Yarda, FIN40006/02 , female
    Geestland's Yenda, FIN40005/02, female
    Geestland's Yirna, FIN40007/02 , female
    Geestland's Yoma,
     FIN40009/02 , female

  • Born-synt. 6.9.2004
    INT & AM & IE & ENG & FI & SE & EE CH
         Elfwish Leprechaun at Craigycor
    D: FIN CH Geestland's Yarda

    Geestland's Zaraza, FIN43710/04, female
    Zaria, FIN43711/04, female
    Geestland's Zemic , FIN43709/04, male
    Geestland's Zenica
    , FIN43712/04, female

  • Born-synt. 10.9.2004
    S: INT &  FI & S & LT CH Foxllyn Done for Annline
    D: FI CH 
    Geestland's True Trinket
    Geestland's Apricot Angel, FIN44890/04, female
    Geestland's Apterous Angel,
    FIN44891/04, female
    Geestland's Arctic Arcanum,
    FIN44888/04, male
    Geestland's Arrant Abandon,
    FIN44889/04, male
    Geestland's Auric Arrow, FIN44887/04, male

  • Born-synt. 30.11.2005
    S: NordJW-05 FI CH Maplecreek Beryllos Time to Fly
    FI CH Geestland's Yarda
    Geestland's Bantam Bear,  FIN54067/05, male
    Bland Bliss , FIN54069/05, female
    Geestland's Bonny Bauble, FIN54070/05, female
    Geestland's Boreal Beam, FIN54071/05, female
    Geestland's Bright Beryl , FIN54072/05, female
    Geestland's Burly Bruin , FIN54068/05, male

  • Born-synt. 20.1.2006
    S: Geestland's Valid Varmint
    D: Geestland's Yamba
    Geestland's Canty Caprice, FIN14707/06, female
    Geestland's Caudate Cess, FIN14703/06,  male
    Geestland's Celtic Crony,  FIN14704/06, male
    Geestland's Clean Clarity,  FIN14708/06, female
    Geestland's Concrete Curio,  FIN14705/06, male
    Geestland's Cotton Coil,  FIN14706/06, female
    Geestland's Crystal Canine, FIN14709/06,  female

  • Born-synt. 31.3.2008
    S: FI&SE CH EuW-06 Annline's Great Chance
    Geestland's Yarda  
    Geestland's Deep Delight, FIN22353/08, female
    Geestland's Dim Dewdrop, FIN22352/08, male
    Geestland's Divine Dido, FIN22351/08, male

  • Born-synt. 24.4.2008
    S: FI CH Annline's Up And Coming
    D: Geestland's Crystal Canine
    Geestland's Elect Emmet, FIN34098/08, male
    Geestland's Equal Emmet, FIN34099/08,  male
    Geestland's Especial Emmet, FIN34100/08, female
    Geestland's Exotic Emmet, FIN34101/08, female

  • Born-synt. 5.6.2010
    S: Wales Tale's Spring Time
    D: Geestland's Exotic Emmet
    Geestland's Find Me, FI42755/10, female
    Geestland's Find the Joy,  FI42753/10, male
    Geestland's Find the Life, FI42754/10, male
    Geestland's Find the Way, FI42752/10, male