My Pembrokes

Benita "Nita".

Nita was my foundation bitch. Her first planned litter was with Zo-Fo Amiraali: one tri dog, G. Bugaboo and one red bitch, G. Batseba, both Finnish champions.

Batseba, alias Piipa, was the dog of my heart. She left her lovely character to her son FI CH G. Lummy Lion, "Arttu", whose little daughter FI CH G. True Trinket, "Ruuti",  toke over her grandmas place. Ruuti left us at the age of 14.

At home I have only Ruutis lovely  son  FI CH Arctic Arcanum, "Nirppu" any more.

Here is Nitas first litter, that she made with her brother Tassu (without my permission).
The whole family, Tassu, Nita and their puppies Fox, Kultsi and Api